Holiday Box

Holiday Box

Our holiday gift box filled with seasonal classics inspired by our Italian and Québecois heritage. 

In the box:
(12) Chocolate Truffles
(6) Amaretti Cookies
(6) Pistachio and Lemon Biscotti - Nick's Nona's secret recipe
(12) Artisanal Flavoured Marshmallows
(12) Maple Sucre à la Crème
(1) Bag of Crunchy Sponge Toffee
(1) Bag of Pumpkin Brittle
(1) Tin of Hot Chocolate Mix - 8 servings

Each Kraft box is hand packed with a holiday-inspired sticker.

*If you would like to order ice cream to go with the box you can order it by the unit as you normally do, just  mention which ice creams you would like to be sent out with the box. 

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